Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Here we are all warm in our Christmas Log Cabin as the Century of Scouting draws to a close. 2007 was a busy year for Scouts everywhere. .

Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts, their Leaders - they are all over the world in over two hundred countries and there are over 28 million in the Movement. They have been celebrating the Century of Scouting.

Let's enter the Christmas spirit.

As you walk near your local trees before it gets dark, listen for the sound of singing - it's probably young people in the Scout Movement singing just before going to bed in their log cabin. Our Aztec Cub Scouts will sing for you later.

Within this page http://rossscoutcabininstructions.blogspot.com/

you can see the main aspects the log cabin. You don't need to be in the Scouts to make it or any part of it. When you have seen everything, you click the return link.

Good luck, happy Christmas and a good New Year from Ross Scout Group. Our home page is at


Here is the link to the album of photos and guidance.

Click in the pic. Don't forget to read the separate page of instructions. (See link at the end of this column.) Then you are asked to return to this place. You could have a quick look at the album now just to get the idea of what can be done.

Ross-on-Wye Scout Group Xmas Log Cabin - Instructions

Here's the song they were singing around the camp-fire near the log cabin.

The picture you see in the box is a bit blurred but no matter.

Click twice at the arrow in the lower left corner. If you click the arrow in the middle, you are sent off to "You Tube".